Riverside is proud to introduce FRONTLINE™ woven and knit shirts. They feature a patent-pending design that includes a two-layer front panel that puts more protection where it is needed! The sleeves and back panels are made from a single layer for comfort.

Riverside hired Hugh Hoagland to test our Frontline™ shirts against common single layer shirts in the industry. The results were impressive. They demonstrate that 100% cotton undershirts are not a totally safe way to increase shirt ATPVs. Instead, Frontline™ shirts or FR    T-shirts worn under single-layer FR shirts are better for protecting workers when arcs are above the arc rating of the standard single-layer FR shirt. Please see the videos and Hugh Hoagland's report below.

Not every job needs this level of protection, but Frontline™ is a great way to reduce heat stress and decrease the chance of Non-FR undershirt ignition while getting significantly more protection where it is needed!

Frontline™ Shirts
2-Layer Protection for Tough Jobs!

Lab Report    


These are the standard single layer FR shirts that were tested against Frontline™:

*Data provided by Westex, Inc.

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